!kiss <mention> | kiss mentioned user.

!hug <mention> | hug mentioned user.

!kill <mention> | kill mentioned user.

!slap <mention> | slap mentioned user.

!punch <mention> | punch mentioned user.

!cry | cry because sad.

!mad | mad because mad.


!gamer <mention> | gives epic gamer rate for mentioned user.

!pp <mention> | gives pp size of mentioned user.

!gayrate <mention> | gives gay rate for mentioned user.

!otakurate <mention> | gives otaku rate for mentioned user.

!thicc <mention> | gives thicc rate for mentioned user.

!thotrate <mention> | gives thot rate for mentioned user.

!weather <city> | gives weather for city.

!ht <heads/tails> | play heads or tails.

!rps <rock/paper/scissors> | play rock paper scissors.

!8ball <your question> | answers your question.

!love <mention> | calculates love between you and mentioned user.

!hack <mention> | hacks mentioned user.

!dice | rolls 6 sided dice.

!ranemoji | sends random emoji.

!topic | gives a topic to talk about.

!wyr | asks a would you rather question.

!rr | play russian roulette.


!nya | nyaa

!oof | oof.

!meme | sends meme.

!dog | sends image of dog.

!cat | sends image of cat.

!fox | sends image of fox.

!neko | sends image of neko

!achieve <message> | makes minecraft achievement for selected message.

!invert <mention> | inverts colour of selected users avatar.

!tti <message> | turns message into text.


!daily | gives $500 per day.

!heist | earn money from doing a heist.

!work | work at your job

!rich | gives richest users in server.

!bal | gives your current balance.

!dep <amount> | deposits selected amount into your bank.

!with <amount> | withdraws selected amount from your bank.

!pay <mention> <amount> | pays mentioned user the selected amount.

!rob <mention> | robs mentioned user.

!bet <amount> | double or nothing.

!buy <item> | buy selected item.

!use <item> | use selected item.

!shop | shows what you can buy.

!toprich | richest users on the bot.


!hentai | sends hentai in the chat.

!porn | sends porn in the chat.

!gif | sends a nsfw gif in the chat.

!anal | sends anal in the chat.

!pussy | sends pussy in the chat.

!boobs | sends boobs in the chat.

!ass | sends ass in the chat.

!lesbian | sends lesbian porn in the chat.

!fettish | sends more kinky porn in the chat


!poll 1 <message> | creates poll for selected message.

!poll 2 <option 1-3>| creates poll for selected options.

!nick <mention/id> <name> | gives selected user given name.

!purge <ammount> | deletes selected amount of messages.

!mute <mention/id> <reason> | mutes selected user for given reason.

!unmute <mention/id> | unmutes selected user.

!kick <mention/id> <reason> | kicks user for given reason.

!ban <mention/id> <reason> | bans user for given reason.

!unban <mention/id> | unbans user.

!warn <mention> <reason> | warns mentioned user for given reason.

!unwarn <mention> | unwarns user

!checkwarns <mention> | checks warns of user.

!ccreate <name> <text/voice> <category id> | creates selected channel.

!cdelete <channel> | deletes selected channel.

!rcolour <role> <hex> | changes role colour to selected hex.

!rgive <mention> <role> | gives selected role to user.

!rremove <mention> <role> | removes selected role from user.

!lock <reason> | locks down channel for reason.

!unlock <reason> | unlocks channel for reason.


!set-join <channel> <message> | sets join channel and message.

!set-leave <channel> <message> | sets leave channel and message.

!set-log <channel> | sets log channel.

!set-prefix <prefix> | sets new prefix.

!set-lvlmsg <on/off> | toggles level message.

!set-muted <role> | sets muted role.


!date | gives current date.

!prefix | gives bot prefix.

!vote | vote for the bot.

!invite | invite the bot.

!support | join bot server.

!botinfo | gives info for bot.

!serverinfo | gives info for server.

!userinfo <mention> | gives info for mentioned user.

!roleinfo <mention/id> | gives info for selected role.

!avatar <mention> | gives full size avatar of mentioned user.

!dm <mention> <message> | dms mentioned user with message.

!afk <message> | sets afk with message.

!unafk | turns off your afk.

!serveravatar | gets server avatar.

!privacy | bots privacy policy.